Current Roster as of 4/14/10

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Current Roster as of 4/14/10

Post  Administrator on Thu 15 Apr 2010, 1:01 am

Here is the current roster for the game I am creating!

Starter Characters:
Kung Fu Man by Electbyte(a open-source, un-copyrighted character)
Neco Arc-Chaos(with the creator's permission, Melty Blood:Actress Again)
Peketo(with Borghi's permission, the Black Heart video game,2009)
LucasX3(Good)(Original character)
LucasX3(Dark)(Original character)
Noroko(with Borghi's permission, the Black Heart video game,2009)

Unlockable characters(warning, do not dare look at this unless you wanna be spoiled!)

well it shouldn't be too bad since I am not giving you the passwords.

Norimaro(with creator's permission, Marvel Super Heroes)
Hashi(with Borghi's permission, the Black Heart video game,2009)
The Kid(with creator's permission, I wanna be the guy, 2007)
LucasX3(Normal)(Omega Tom Hanks/Omega Adolf Hitler spriteswap)
Capcom vs SNK M.Bison(will give credit to the creator)
Angry German Kid
Cable(with creator's permission, Marvel vs Capcom 2)
Hayato(with Beximus's Permission,Marvel vs Capcom 2)
Servbot(will give credit to the creator)
Street Fighter 2 Sagat(will give credit to the creator)
Guile(will give credit to N64Mario)
Snake(will give credit to SeanAlty)
Yoshi(will give credit to Bird)
Popeye(will give credit to DDR)
Vergil(will give credit to creator)
Pingu(will give credit to mulambo)
Morrigan(will give credit to PotS)
Ananzi(will give credit to Borghi, might add "Suggestive Themes" to the ESRB rating)
LucasX3(True Form(original character)(might consider making him unlockable.)
Deadpool(will give credit to creator)
Punisher(will give credit to the IMT)
Cutman(will give credit to IMT)
Jon Taliban(will give credit to creator)
Cerberus(will give credit to Pizzaman, just for kicks Razz)

Unplayable Characters:
Abyss(mid-boss)(Marvel vs Capcom 2)(all three forms)
Biohazard mini game(will give credit to Choujin)

This is the current roster, it might change in the future.


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