Review of our forum:From Advertise Hotspot

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Review of our forum:From Advertise Hotspot

Post  Administrator on Sat 10 Apr 2010, 6:03 am

Here's a review we recieved from one of our partners.


1. First Impressions-12/15
The first thing that caught my eye was the banner. Its nice. Except the sub text "Gaming For Life". I recommend a different font. I also notice you displayed your forum title, "Hocotate Freight,The place for gaming!". Maybe just display the Hocotate Freight will do. The color fits well to a gaming forum like yours. Good job.
2. Categories & Forums-12/15
Good job here! The categories and forums you have is certainly sufficient and a good amount too:) I love how you categorize them. Its well managed too. But the "Leaving And Returning Members" forum should be removed as its pointless. Maybe stick them to the "Introductions" section.

Generalities total :: 24/30

Forum Style

1. Major Graphics-7/10
Average. I notice the "Arcade" navigation. You made that? Although the font does'nt fit, it still looks good! Eye catching. The banner is good too, except for the sub text i mentioned earlier on. If you request for more graphics for your forum, i'm sure you'll have way more members!
2. Forum Layout & Color Scheme-7/10
Like i said, i love the colors. It fits well to a gaming forum like yours. The layout is simple, yet neat! I think the current skin can be used for a year before changing:) Remember, dark colored skins are best for gaming forums!
3. Images And Icons-6/10
I dont know if the skin you installed to your forum comes with the images and icons. But still, its nice and appropriate. I suggest to get a favicon made for your forum! "HF" would be good;)

Forum Style Total :: 20/30


1.Population Of User Groups-6/10
From what i see, you have 4 user groups in total. I still dont see whats the point for the "The Secret Fez Club" group. Its either you hide it, or delete it. Also, i suggest hiding your admin group from guests. Every group has at least one member, excluding you, except for the "Inmates" group. Should search/recruit for more members.
2.Staff Groups / User Groups-6/10
A total of 4 user groups, 2 staff groups. Good ratio. Once again, please delete/hide the unecessary groups. It just makes your forum more messy.

Usergroups total :: 12/20

Forum Activity

1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity-6/10
We have 8 registered users
Our users have posted a total of 235 messages
Hmm, in my opinion, this is an average ratio. But its quite good for a one month old forum;) Just work on having more messages, than members.
2. Users Active-5/10
Nothing to say here. Active users function not activated. Just giving you a borderline mark. Please activate it:)

Forum Activity total :: 11/20

Overall Marks

67/100 Congrats! You passed!

The Conclusion

Well, i now know more about your forum:) Glad i had the time to review it! I recommend you to advertise more and request for more graphics! Love your forum, best of luck!


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