Game Review:Uncharted 2:Among Thieves

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Game Review:Uncharted 2:Among Thieves

Post  Administrator on Mon 22 Mar 2010, 11:01 pm

Alright this is my first game review..

This one is about the award-winning game of 2009, Uncharted 2.

I have gotten up to at least Chapter 5 or 6..


The game is like a movie, except you are able to control the characters..
The story follows Nathan Drake from the previous game looking for treasure as usual,but this time he's trying to find out a mystery of Marco Polo(and no it's not one of those crappy "funducational" games) and various other stuff you see stuff like betrayal, James Bond-like scenes and such.
Overall the story gets a 8/10

The characters and enemies look very realistic, everything looks perfectly detailed and the graphics are pretty good..
Overall the graphics get a 8/10

The gameplay is both excellent and realistic, like for example, there is no double jumping in this game and you cannot jump on everything see..
You can use CQC(Close-Quarter Combat, for those who haven't played Metal Gear Solid) and a variety of weapons.There is also some parts in the game where you need to use stealth and you can use stealth attacks.
Overall the gameplay gets a 9/10

The controls respond perfectly and everything works well..
Ease of play:8.9/10

I haven't really closely heard the music in the game, but overall it's pretty dang good and sounds perfectly in place..
Voice acting is excellent, we've already passed the crappy voice acting that was in Resident Evil.
Overall the sound gets:8.9/10

Rent or Buy:
It's your choice, but you may end up buying it..


A game worthy of being in your collection, oh and pick the first game if you can, it's just as good.


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