My review of a couple of King Crimson songs.

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My review of a couple of King Crimson songs.

Post  Administrator on Sat 24 Apr 2010, 11:15 pm

This is actually my first music review, so bare with me..
From the album "Starless and Bible Black"

"The Great Deciever"

Pure awesome metal is the words I can think of for this songs.
I like that it changes styles once in the song.
It's f***ing sick dude! A+


this one is actually a bit depressing..
But it's actually pretty damn good.
It gives a good feel.
But then it goes into heavy metal at some point..A++

"We'll Let You Know"

Basic heavy metal with some good stuff.
It's a cool song.
It's basic however, but a good song nonetheless.. B

"The Night Watch"

Mysterious and cool.
This song gives a good feel..
It's a solid song at best. A+


Mysterious and serene...
Very calming song, and it's sad in ways..
and it actually feels like you are on a journey..

"The Mincer"

Dark,Deep and sick..
This song is awesomely dark..
This is what you call heavy metal!A++++

part 1:
part 2:
Sick guitar work!This song is pretty cool..
It's done well.
The guitar is just f***ing awesome, it must have taken a lot of work with this song!

"Starless and Bible Black"

This one actually gives me different feels.
In some ways, it's like a dramatic 60's song.
I actually get a Silent Hill-like feel from this song..
I like the change at 4:25, it actually turns into something from a horror movie and it gives me chills..
Like you are in a abandoned area and there is not much of anyway out..but there is some guitar that comes up.
Around 7:40, it goes into some cool heavy metal..
and around 9:00 it goes into jazz
Overall it's pretty sick.. and it does have a bit of a silent hill-ish feel, but it's f***ing awesome and a solid song.afro A+++++

Review of the album "Beat"


A weird song, it's like a obscure love song in ways..
It seems fine.It has a EarthBound-ish feeling in the beginning(maybe that's bass that is reminding of EarthBound.)
It's a decent song, at best though.. B

"Neal and Jack and Me"

This one is actually entertaining and upbeat, it's a pretty cool song..
Good doses of guitar and some metal.
It's pretty good and it sound late 80s-ish or 90s-ish A


This one actually is a little sad and depressing, but it's good stuff though.
It has a silent hill-ish feel(to me, that is).
Around 2:00, they add some jazz to it..
But it really sounds like a horror song at some point..
Pretty solid song, actually.No rather, this is actually quite sick.. A+++

"The Howler"

Not bad.Not bad at all..
It's sounds like you are in hell at some points, but it's decent stuff..
It is a bit solid though..
But it reachs a point where it gets a little upbeat though..
However the name says it all, It howls..
But it's good stuff overall. B-

"Two Hands"

Actually this is a pretty solid love song.
It's well-done and done well.
It's actually a bit sensual..
I say this is a damn good love song. A


It actually sounds like a obscure,yet awesome police chase.
Pretty damn solid, I say..
It's a cool heavy metal song. A+

"Waiting Man"

Nice song..
But for some reason I get a jungle-sorta feel from this song.
It sounds like something from Donkey Kong Country or something..
But good stuff, though.. A

"Sartori in Tangier"

Sounds like something from a video game at the start..
I get various feels from this song, sounds like something from the PSX game, Ape Escape and fits okay..
It's a cool song, nicely done and such..
It's actually a bit of a mysterious song.
I say this is my favorite besides Neurotica and Starless. A++

The album, Beat is pretty cool, some good songs and other okay..

It's a pretty solid album..


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