The Rules of this Forum

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The Rules of this Forum

Post  Administrator on Thu 11 Mar 2010, 4:14 am

These are the rules of the forum.

1) No use of strong language

2) No pornography allowed. However, if it's mild nudity, please use the "spoiler" code and say that the picture is NSFW. (Not safe for work)

3) Deceptions of cruelty, blood, gore, and dismemberment is prohibited without notifying clearly.However, gameplay videos and let's play of M-rated games are fine.

4) Spamming, trolling, discussion of raids, hacking, and piracy are prohibited.

5) Don't insult or flame anyone, no matter what the cause. A playful, "you idiot," etc is allowed. No racial, religious, or other slurs, either.

6) You may not ask for a moderator position. Moderators are people who we consider are good members who make sure everything goes right.

7) Do not post links to shock sites, and screamers, and crap like that. We don't need that stuff in our forum

9) Do not create multiple accounts. Moderators are able to view IP addresses, and anyone caught with multiple accounts will get all the accounts deleted and have their IP banned.

10) Discussion of gambling, drinking, and the like is not tolerated.

11) You may not have giant signatures/avatars on this forum, it makes most things hard to read.

12) Avatars/Signatures may not have anything offensive or disturbing.

13) Do not type in capital letters on this forum. This is considered shouting on the internet and is very annoying.

14) Do not post large pictures. Some members have dial-up or slow connections, and not to mention they just piss people off.

15) Be mature and friendly, please. (In TSFC and RP, all hell can break loose, though.)

16) Double-posting is prohibited on this forum.However if you are bumping your thread and 24 hours have passed, it's fine.

17) Do not abuse our reputation system. The reputation system is to reward good posts and frown up on bad posts. Do not try to abuse this system, as no benefits come from it.

18) Necroposting (posting in a dead and inactive topic) is discouraged, unless you have a valid point to bring to the discussion

These are the rules. Follow them, listen to the staff, behave in a normal manner, and have a good time.

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